The Strategic Program

NutriFusion is a nutritional food ingredient company based out of Naples, Florida. Their team developed a game-changing, fruit and vegetable-based food ingredient intended for the food, beverage, supplement, and pet markets. We were privileged to join their team to develop and execute a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy for over 36 months. Our plan included a complete website build, social media marketing, weekly blogging, digital press releases, lead generation sequences, email newsletter marketing, trade show marketing, and digital advertising.

We built an inbound marketing strategy to

attract, grow, and convert

new visitors to leads.

Email Marketing

Over 24 months, we sent over 40 emails to a growing list of 1,000+ subscribers that were generated through the website and trade shows. We focused our emails on monthly blog newsletters and trade show event updates.


  • Average open rate of 35% over 24 months
  • Average click-thru rate of 13.5%
  • Monthly subscriber growth of 3.25%

Content Marketing Strategy

Over 24 months, we executed a weekly blogging strategy that focused on sharing posts based on current news across the industry. This blogging strategy enabled us to link back to relevant websites to our industry and focus on keywords that would grow organic search results. We would post 2 to 3 blog posts per week.


  • Increased blog newsletter signups by 500+
  • Published over 200 blog posts in 2 years
  • Generated over 10,000 new page views in 24 months

Public Relations

We helped NutriFusion write and distribute two digital press releases via PR Web. The press release was distributed to thousands of regional and local media as well as targeted distribution to trade magazines and sites like FoodDive, Food Navigator, NutraIngredients, and more.

eBooks & Whitepapers

We developed top of the funnel (TOF) pieces of content to collect more leads through the website. We also created multiple whitepapers to discuss product benefits and reasons why you should use the ingredient. In combination with the bottom of the funnel (BOF) R&D kits, we were able to generate on average 25 new qualified leads every month.

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